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Internship experience in Nazareth School, Chanadapura, Bengaluru.I want to share my experience through a Poem..

Here it goes …

They call me -“Sanjana Miss”
One which I had dreamt
Since my childhood.
They greeted, wished me
Inspite of my frequent entries to their class
My heart filled with their foot prints
And full of their respect
When they witness me.
You gems are the reason for my
Happiness, curiosity, content , enjoyment.
Yet you were the reasons of my
anger, irritation and discontent too ūüėú
You made me realise my other facets,
You taught me more than I taught you.
The beautiful curve on your face
Engulfed my bosom more than
Your dull heads down.
My heart was in pain
When I rebuked at you
However you all are the best part of my life !!!!
You Showered love and affection ;
Gifted me beautiful memories..



My dear teachers, worried about how to engage all the students in the class?This blog with assist you¬†to have them in your class mentally and physically…¬† ūüôā

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What is Think Pair Share?

  • It is a collaborative learning strategy where students will make an attempt to find the answer a question together for the assigned reading or the question.¬†¬†
  • Basically it works on the principle of collaborative learning.

How it works?

  • In this strategy, a problem is posed, students have time to¬†think¬†about it individually, and then they work in¬†pairs¬†to solve the problem and¬†share¬†their ideas with the class.

How does it help learning?

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  • It demand the students think individually
  • It greatly incorporates collaborative learning
  • It gives opportunities for the students to discuss, share their ideas with at least one peer
  • It serve the maximum participation of the students¬†
  • It builds the oral communication skills pf the students and Peer Learning.


How to use this in your classroom?

  • Decide upon the text to be read and develop the set of questions¬†or prompts that target key content concepts.
  • Describe the purpose of the strategy¬†and provide guidelines for discussions think individually, pair with partners and the share your ideas
  • Model the procedure to ensure that students understand how to use the strategy.
  • Monitor and support students as they work through the activity.

For further reading,


Thank You!!



Teachers who want to bridge the gap between your students and changing teaching styles, I have a tool – THE FLIPPED CLASSROOM.


What is Flipped Classroom?

It is a teaching/instructional method, opposite to the traditional method of teaching, involves more of online and outside classroom activities. It is also a form of blended learning.


How does it work?

  • Students here are instructed to view certain short videos, read the certain notes in the home before the class session and would come prepared for the class. The class time is devoted to the discussions, projects, activities, tests.
  • The students inquire the text content, test their skills applying heir knowledge and would interact and collaborate with each other in the classroom
  • The classroom session will turn out a place of workshop

Who is doing it?abbac1391558226a5a901a4806413787

  • A number of teachers have incorporated this instructional model in order to update themselves with the technology and learning.
  • A particularly successful example of a flipped class is in accounting at Penn State accommodates 1,300 students.

Why is important?

  • It is the best platform for the students to increase their ability to apply their learned knowledge and concepts in practical sessions.
  • The collaborative skills will really help the students to have an effective social interaction with their peers. This will lead to peer teaching
  • The teacher can easily identify the errors of the students and can guide, assist in one to one sessions.

What are the implications of The Flipped Classroom?

  • Students will shoulder a greater responsibility for learning
  • It gives ample time for the students to discuss, collaborate with each other
  • What the flip does particularly well is to bring about a distinctive shift in priorities‚ÄĒ from merely covering material to working toward mastery of

So, teachers, you can experiment this model in your upcoming classes.

Good luck!!!

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Baccha Party Poetry

Kids, want to become Poets/ Poetess? This blog is for you.


Poetry is a beautiful tool to appreciate life, express your thoughts, emotions, feelings, views, and opinions. Poetry can become you’re the best companion or habit. Poetry is fun. You will get an¬†opportunity to play with your thoughts, ideas, words, rhyme scheme, themes. Poetry is learning in bliss. So Wanna give a try to it?

Here are some tips to start with Poetry

Read on…

If you have never read a Poem, no issues. It’s time to let away¬†the boring time and clings to the new habit¬†poetry Writing. If you want to feel the spectrum of poetry try to taste this recipe…

  1. You Yourself is an Inspiration: Kids don’t wait for an inspiration to come and knock on your door. Dig yourself deep and try to reflect what you are doing, how you are doing, why you have started doing it? All these questions will lead you to express yourself. Put these thoughts into the scheme of words.
  2. Spoken Out Poetry: kids Spoken Out Poetry is the best way to start with the writing of poetry. It doesn’t have any rules to follow. It’s your poetry. Make yourself comfortable in writing it. No need to have a rhyme scheme, jargons, etc. You can write the conversations in the form of a beautiful Melody here. You can materialize the abstract concepts. Like an artist who just splashes the colours on the canvas; you can splash, play with your words to get a reflection of your thoughts. Just try to have a punching words in ending. Don’t crib it. But if not in the initial stage, it can be learnt in the upcoming poems.
  3.  Exploring a topic: Just ponder over some simple topics that you study/ see your surroundings for the topics to write on. These topics that become your primary ideas to express. Take some guidance for your teachers. Ask your parents to suggest you an idea to write. Simple topics that you like: your Puppy, home, family, ice cream, dairy milk, favourite book, etc. When you start writing, you will feel the best feeling about yourself.  Try to write on your intuitions too.
  4.  How to start a Poetry?

First step: Select a Topic of your choice

Second step: Decide the characters for your poetry if you need.If you wish you can take inanimate object humans, fictional characters may be from literature, book, movie, issue or from any other source

Third step: Now decide the form of the poetry. Draft a free verse or in the form of Prose.Do not have complicate form.

For any ideas –¬†¬†

Four step: Frame the Titles. The titles can be short, long, one word, funny, serious, or maybe as the answers for who, where, when, why, how…

Fifth step: Redrafting the Poem.Read the Poem next day in different perceptions with a fresh eye. Read in your class/ to your parents, try to remove the repeated words, Check your punctuation marks, rearrange the sentences/words, have an effective ending.

  • Sites you can refer to some ideas on writing poetry recommended by British Council:

Good luck to the future Poets and Poetesses!!!!

Thank You!!

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Image result for funny clip art an English teacher

Here you go…

A teacher is a boon to the life of students. Teachers or the educators hold a huge responsibility to shape and mold the life of future citizens. So any teacher who teaches the learners should be capable of guiding the learners in an appropriate way.    Hence One should possess certain competencies and skills before they deliver any lecture.  I, as an English student teacher, came across certain competencies for English teacher.

You can refer the following competencies  to update yourself:

1.Languages in art: A teacher should know that language is an art of articulation and expression.  The beauty of language and literature can be felt only when it is said from the bottom of the heart. The statement which is made by a teacher should make some sense to the students and it should connect to the emotions and feelings of the learner.  In my opinion, any language teacher for the matter should make an attempt to connect with the mother tongue of the student when the concert is understood in the mother tongue the learner can easily translate.  So the teacher should feel the art of language.
2.Fluency:   Fluency is something that is an  English language teacher should be capable of.  The flow of words will indicate one’s  over the content. As a facilitator, an English teacher should be capable of simplifying the complex concepts instead of using exuberant words.  Though fluency comes from a lot of reading if An English language teacher is fluent enough no one can ever defeat him or her.
3.Providing opportunities to speak:  The Crux of an English teacher lies in making the students share their knowledge.   The teaching of an English teacher should enable the students to communicate and Allow them to broaden their horizon. As an English teacher, you Should corporate to understand their perception & should give a platform to exhibit their thoughts in written form too.
4.Communication skills: These still are the backbone of an English teacher. Any teacher should be able to communicate speak and write properly so that these skills are molded in the future generation, parents And other stakeholders in the educational system.
5.Patience:  This is the basic requirement Of an English teacher. Since he or she is an English teacher one should be more patient enough to deal with the different learning styles and Capabilities of the learners.  It adds on when they have to connect with the mother tongue of the students in order to make them understand the concepts.  To listen to one’s feelings, thoughts ideas, emotions and perceptions one should be patient enough to understand and perceive.  So patience is the key to success for English teacher.
6.Creativity: Language is an art of expression an English teacher should be capable to bring out the hidden talent among the students in the form of poetry short stories creative writing, etc.  Teaching poetry requires a lot of Creative power to understand the different perceptions, views, and notions. Language is the best forum with students can bring out their inner self.
These are the different competencies required for English teacher so if you want to become an English teacher please  incorporate the above skills and you will get your way

Good luck to the upcoming English teachers..

Thank you, everyone!!!

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